Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Camo night

Camo Night at Awana


Wacky Tacky day at school

Egg hunt at school

Spring Break

Spring Break we went with all the cousins (except Sam) to Jekyll Island.
 Many games of Clue were played due to a couple of rainy days!

 Jack said "see my muscles mommy" He is always picking up sticks.

 Corn dogs on the Beach!

The Price is Right

I got to go see the Price is Right at the Fox theater. I even got to spin the Big Wheel!  It was amazing!

Ivy's Birthday

Ivy turned 7! For her birthday she wanted a spend the night party. She had some of her close friends spend the night and had pizza and cake!  She loved it!

Ivy's first tooth

  Ivy lost her first tooth! 


Another year of Awana is in the books!  
Jack was a Cubbie, Ivy was a Sparkie and Reese was in T&T.