Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sunday Funday

A little fun after church on Sunday! The weather was nice and the leaves were beautiful!

Reese's Baptism

Reese was Baptized this past Sunday.  She gave her life to Jesus a couple of weeks ago in Awana and we couldn't be more proud!

 Payton and Reese


 Ivy the Waitress
 Reese the Unicorn
 Walker the Headless man
 Jack the Hammerhead Shark...again

South Football

 #44  Walker Meadows

Birthday Girl

Reese turned 9!!

 The girls made their own cupcakes and had fun making slime!

 Braves Game for Reese!

Ma's Brick

First day of School

 First day back to school!  Walker-7th, Reese-4th, Ivy-2nd, Jack-K

 Bags are packed and shoes are ready

 Mr. Mallory
 Mrs. Nesbit
 Mrs. Conley

St. Augustine

This summer we took our first trip to St. Augustine Florida.